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This website ‘The Cabinet of Images by Raf Coorevits’ is written in Dutch. On this page we present you a summary in English, and explain the goal and structure of this site.

The Cabinet of Images by Raf Coorevits reveals the life, the works and the craftsmanship of Raf Coorevits by means of new images. Every image is accompanied by a video presenting you a selection of works or showing you the artist drawing, painting or etching. In 2018 Raf Coorevits created 28 images for his cabinet. The index presents you the complete, chronological overview. → Click here

Raf Coorevits (born in Sint-Niklaas in 1934) studied at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in his birthtown and at the Higher Institute Sint-Lucas in Ghent. From 1959 to 1994 he teaches graphics at Sint-Lucas (Ghent) and from 1964 to 1980 he works as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas. Raf Coorevits participated in many group exhibitions and held individual exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. → Click here

Here you get acquainted with the several techniques of Raf Coorevits. You see Coorevits drawing, painting and etching (8 videos). → Click here

Topic of the human body
In these videos you not only find portraits, but also topics such as Ballerina, Betty, nude model and hands can be found here. Tens of studies are presented within the video Sketching (8 videos). → Click here

Topic of the landscape
Raf Coorevits grasps the landscape in very diverse techniques, such as etching. Three topics are reviewed in a separate video: Trees, Travel impressions and Garden (7 videos). → Click here

Topic of still life
Form, light and texture. Props are fascinating to Raf Coorevits. He draws, paints and etches them. Three topics are reviewed in a separate video: Birds, Flowers and Fabrics (5 videos).  → Click here

In dialogue
In these podcasts – dialogues – Raf Coorevits talks about his life and work. → Click here

You can watch all videos one by one via the playlist Cabinet of Images by Raf Coorevits on YouTube by clicking ‘Play All’ in the left upper corner. → Click here

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